“Exquiseat is a carefully selected collection of armchairs with
soul and a distinct identity”

Some of the pieces in this collection are iconic and immortal.
Others are undiscovered stars that we’d like to give the setting they have always dreamed of.

Every Exquiseat, is personally salvaged by our team during various trips and huntings in central and northern Europe. Holland, Belgium, Denmark, as
well as Italy, are a few of the diverse origins of this miscellany of “Seats” that we offer.

After the trips and the search, the selected armchairs are grouped together in our warehouse in Breda (Holland) to then be sent
to Raúl Lamarca’s workshop in Vigo for restoration using the most purist and indulgent technique worthy of them.

Every piece selected for this project complies with certain essential requirements. They must be extremely anatomical and comfortable; they must also be armchairs of restricted dimensions. Last but not least, they must be so beautiful, curvaceous and elegant that they turn heads when people pass by.

As a final touch to the Exquiseat Process, Raúl Lamarca chooses the most appropriate fabric for each of these jewels. The exclusive brands, Dedar, Kvadrat or Loro Piana are the dance partners in this marvellous project.

We hope you like them.